Mountain Biking Level 2 MIAS Instructor


Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme (M.I.A.S.)

Learn and develop your Mountain Biking Instructor Level 2 skills in Cornwall

The purpose of the Level 2 'Mountain Bike Instructor' Award Scheme, (MIAS) is to promote safe enjoyment of all aspects of mountain biking in an off and on road environment.

We provide training and assessment in the technical and group management skills required by those who wish to lead groups in a variety of off and on road conditions, in the United Kingdom.

The level 2 qualification enables you to lead rides up to 600 metres above sea level.  The terrain is wild country where you are 1.5 km from a road.

The course is 2 days long.  Cost £225 per person

Personal and group skills taught and assessed.

  • Correct body position and understanding its effects.
  • Braking techniques and speed control.
  • Ascending terrain of 30 degrees .
  • Descending terrain between 30-45 degrees.
  • Cornering.
  • Trail obstacles.
  • 5 second track stands.
  • 50 cm drop offs.
  • Bunny hops.
  • General map work
  • Route planning.
  • Group control.

Destination Cornwall

Mountain Biking in Cornwall doesn’t get any better than the Bissoe Valley.  This area has a long history in the mining industry, providing disused quarries and tram ways.  It gives mountain bikers a natural trail experience, which is exhilarating and satisfying. Cornwall has some fantastic riding with breath taking scenery.