Mountain Biking Navigation Training


Mountain Bike Instructor Award Scheme (M.I.A.S.)

Learn and develop your navigational skills in Cornwall  

The purpose of the navigation course is to give you the ability to plan routes using map, compass and GPS (global positioning system).  After the 2 days you’ll have the confidence to get from A to B and back again.

This course is aimed at individuals who want to plan their own mountain bike routes or move onto instructor training.

The course is 2 days long.  Cost £160 per person

Navigational skills taught.

  • Garmin GPS and Memory-Map.
  • Learn how to use Map & Compass in case of GPS failure.  - take a bearing and navigate to your destination.
  • Find  your position on a map and take a grid reference of your location. 
  • Learn what the symbols are on a map using the Map legend
  • Upload / download routes /track logs from the latest digital mapping from Memory-map  - plot and use a route card.

Destination Cornwall

Mountain Biking in Cornwall doesn’t get any better than the Bissoe Valley.  This area has a long history in the mining industry, providing disused quarries and tram ways.  It gives mountain bikers a natural trail experience, which is exhilarating and satisfying. Cornwall has some fantastic riding with breath taking scenery.